1. About – BAM

Body Architecture Movement – Thinkers and Makers, Movers and Shakers

A blog emerging, moving and shifting with tides of body and architecture. Based around the work of architect and architectural educator, Ed Frith, and the choreographer and movement mentor, Caroline Salem. Ed runs the MArch specializing in performativity and projective architecture, at the Arts University Bournemouth and is a director of the architectural practice Moving Architecture. Caroline runs her own studio and Space@ClarenceMews which mentors and creates new work. They have made work together for 25 years. For ten years Ed ran Architectural design unit (11-Thinkers & Makers) at Greenwich University, winning many awards and prizes (he ran the post-graduate diploma) his teaching, focused around the movement and change of the context and landscape of the Thames Gateway, Gateway Games. 2011-12 is heavily featured including retrospective exhibition with previous work running back to 2002 and beyond, at Greenwich University School of Architecture and Landscape (Unit/Atelier 11). Tutors: Ed Frith, Patrick Lewis, Alex Graef, Channa Vithana, and choreographer Caroline Salem. Formed from earlier incarnations at Birmingham School of Architecture. Many of the practice work is linked into the body architecture movement (BAM) research. Many Thanks to all the many collaborators.

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